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Akiyo Noguchi, Maja Vidmar, Mathilde Becerra and Risa Ota all qualify for the Semifinal. The male qualifiers for Saturday’s onsight are Domen Skofic, Dmitry Fakiryanov, Francesco Vettorata and Klemen Becan.

After the Open Lead which serves as qualification to Saturday and Sunday’s Rock Master,  it’s Akiyo Noguchi firmly who leads the provisional ranking thanks to her lone top. Right behind the Japanese climber, who practically walked up the first qualifier, there’s Maja Vidmar. The Slovenian reached the finishing hold as well but exceeded the 6 minute time limit while this morning’s real revelation, Mathilde Becerra, currently lies in third place. Behind these three, after having fallen considerably lower down, there are 5 athletes gunning for the 4th and final ticket to the Rock Master. For Barbara Bacher (Aut), Alizée Dufraisse (Fra), Risa Ota (Jpn), Tina Sustersic (Slo) and Anna Tsyganova (Rus) the second route this afternoon will be a sort of tie-break. Obviously though the provisional leaders will have to watch their step, too, as even the slightest mistake could cost dearly.

On the first route of the men’s qualification it’s worth underlining Dmitry Fakiryanov’s gret climb: the Russian only just missed out on the finishing hold because he ran out of time. He’s firmly in the lead, deservedly so, of the provisional ranking. Domen Skofic from Slovenia climbed superbly and finished just below (one hold) the Russian. Elko Schellingerh from Holland and Francesco Vettorata from Italy currently lie third equal after having failed to breach the large wave-like overhang. It was there that the hardest crux lay and this proved fatal to most other competitors. Including the Slovenian brothers Jure and Klemen Becan, who as it happend both finished 6th equal. They climbed a hold higher than Nicola De Mattia, provisional 8th after an impressive climb. So at this half-way stage those in the running for the final qualification are Fakiryanov, Skofic, Schellingerh and a great Vettorata. But everything is still up for grabs, in particular in the battle for 3rd and 4th place. The route was hard and the second men’s route promises to be harder still…

Talking about difficulties, here’s some route information that might help: the women’s routes are graded 8a (the first) and 7c+ (the second), while the first men’s route was roughly 8a+ and the second is 8b. Naturally these are climbed onsight! No need underlining that, considering the competition “pressure”, these grades are different (read far harder) than those on sport climbs outdoors.

Also on the second qualifying route Akiyo Noguchi left no room for doubt. The climber from Japan – stronger than we’ve ever seen her before in Lead competitions – was the only athlete to double her takings by topping out on route 2 to sail into the Rock Master finals with ease. Maja Vidmar topped out on route 2, too, qualifying for the finals. The Slovenian champion has been a prime player here in Arco on numerous occasions and for some her qualification may have been taken for granted… but you need the courage to give it a shot, especially when you have everything to lose. And Vidmar, showing true sportsmanship, had the courage. As she herself admitted, she simply couldn’t miss out on Rock Master…

The surprise, if at all, was provided by  22 year-old Mathilde Becerra from France who, after climbing high on route 1, topped out on route 2 to grab the third ticket into the finals. The 5 athletes who had tied for that last ticket battled hard but it was Japan’s 20-year-old Risa Ota who surpassed herself to beat, by a hair’s breadth, Slovenia’s Tina Sustersic and Austria’s Barbara Bacher. Behind them, in the following order, were: Anna Tsyganova RUS), Alizée Dufraisse (FRA), Alton Giulia (ITA), Vera Zijlstra (NED) and Francesca Medici (ITA).

While there were 4 tops on the women’s route, on the men’s second route there was just one victor, Domen Skofic. Once again the Slovenian was the only athlete to top out and in doing so he easily qualified for the Semifinal. He will be joined by Russia’s Dmitry Fakiryanov who had climbed fantastically on route 1. Third place went to splendid Francesco Vettorata who can return home to Feltre satisfied with this great result or having earned himself a place in the Semifinal. Also because he preceded Klemen Becan who, with his 4th place, got the last “ticket” into the Saturday’s Semifinal onsight. The best 8 of this round will then challenge each other on Sunday’s redpoint route to win the 27th Rock Master, the legendary sports climbing competition..

by Vinicio Stefanello / Planetmountain.com

1 Domen Skofic SLO
2 Dmitry Fakiryanov RUS
3 Francesco Vettorata ITA
4 Klemen Becan SLO
5 Martin Bergant SLO
6 Elko Schellingerh. NED
7 Jure Becan SLO
8 Jabee Kim KOR
9 Marcello Bombardi ITA
10 Lukas Köb AUT
10 Shinta Ozawa JPN
12 Nicola De Mattia ITA
13 Daisuke Konishi JPN
14 Cesar Grosso BRA
15 Tomas Ravanal CHI
16 Jure Raztresen SLO
17 Aleksei Shchervianin  RUS
18 Gregor Vezonik SLO
19 Andrea Ratti ITA
20 Jürgen Reis AUT
21 Facundo Langbehn CHI
22 Thomas Lach AUT
23 Moritz Winkler GER

1 Akiyo Noguchi JPN
2 Maja Vidmar SLO
3 Mathilde Becerra FRA
4 Risa Ota JPN
5 Tina Sustersic SLO
6 Barbara Bacher AUT
7 Anna Tsyganova RUS
8 Alizée Dufraisse FRA
9 Giulia Alton ITA
10 Vera Zijlstra NED
11 Francesca Medici ITA

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