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The women’s Quarter-Finals Speed started at breakneck speed. As sprinters always do. Alina Gaidamakina got off to a great start and won the duel against her compatriot Iuliia Kaplina. In the other “Russian” battle Kseniya Polekhina got the better of Anna Tsyganova, while Mariia Krasavina won her duel against Yuliya Levochkina. Then, in the battle with the rest of the world, France’s Anouck Jaubert beat Poland’s Monica Prokopik.
Things speed up… and it’s time for the male Quarterfinals. Libor Hroza (Czech Republic) sprinted upwards majestically to beat Sinitcyn from Russia, while Poland’s Marcin Dzienski stopped the clock at 6″34 (the faster time in the quarterfinals) in his match against Russia’s Evgenii Vaitcekhovski whose time of (6”55) – identical to Hroza – didn’t guarantee him a place in the Semifinals. 6”37 were ample for 4-time world champion Qixin Zhong to eliminate Poland’s Jedrzej Komosinski. And Stanislav Kokorin’s time was enough (unfortunately) to beat Leonardo Gontero. The Italian, winner of the 2012 Rock Master Speed, lost his rhythm during race and this cost him dearly. But this is what the Speed is all about, it’s a true vertical art which is based on perfect mechanisms where absolutely nothing can go wrong.

He who seems to make no mistakes today is Libor Hroza and as fast as lightening he beat, in a mere 5”99, Marcin Dzienski. Qixin Zhong didn’t worry about this in the slightest and in 6”02 burnt off Stanislav Kokorin. Given these times and their incredibile form the final was going to be a massive challenge between Hroza vs Qixin.
In the women’s Semifinal Russia’s Alina Gaidamakina secured her place in the final by beating, in 8”33, her teammate Kseniya Polekhina. In the other duel Mariia Krasavina beat Anouck Jaubert from France to confirm that regardless of how things would evolve, absolute victory would be Russian.

In the small final for third and fourth place things turned out as many had guessed:  Anouck Jaubert stood no chance and Russia secured bronze thanks to Kseniya Polekhina. In the ensuing final Alina Gaidamakina won gold in 8”78 seeing that right at the end Mariia Krasavina failed to stop the stopwatch.
In the men’s small final the challenge Russia vs Poland was won by Stanislav Kokorin who won Russia’s second bronze, while Marcin Dzienski had to settle for 4th place. The final promised fireworks: Libor Hroza repeated a perfect race upwards and stopped the clock at 5”99 to win gold, beating Chinese ace Qixin Zhong who, for once, had to make do with 2nd place. All truly beautiful.

by Vinicio Stefanello / Planetmountain.com

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