Day 2: World Youth Championships continue with Male Boulder Qualifications


After yesterday’s superb start to the IFSC World Youth Championships with the female boulder qualifications, and after the beautiful opening ceremony during which the over 1000 athletes from 51 different nations paraded through the streets of Arco, it’s time now for the male bouldering competition.

71 athletes in Youth B (born 2000, 2001), a staggering 94 in Youth A (1998,1999) and 79 in the Juniors (1996, 1997) category. The program is dense, worthy of a World Championship as the competition begins at 10:00 this morning and after a true vertical marathon finishes at 19.00.

Startlist- Qualification male youth A boulder
Startlist: Qualification male juniors boulder
Startlist: Qualification male youth B boulder