IFSC World Youth Championships and Rock Master Festival

Once again, from 28 August to 6 September, the small town of Arco in Italy’s Garda Trentino region will host the Rock Master Festival, an unmissable event for all rock climbers.

The 2015 edition promises to be a special edition dedicated to youth climbing: the IFSC World Youth Championships will be held, alongside the traditional events such as Rock Master, Arco Rock Legends and the Rock Master Village.

After the extraordinary experience of the 2011 Climbing World Championships this is another great opportunity for Arco to demonstrate why it is rightly defined as the Europe’s outdoor and sport climbing capital.

The trentino town will be invaded by hundreds of young international athletes – an estimated 1000 youngsters – and for the first time in the history of sport climbing the IFSC World Youth Championships will assign not only the Lead and Speed titles, but also the Boulder Youth World Championship.