Day 2: World Youth Championship, Male Boulder Qualifications Report


This morning at 10:00am sharp they kicked off the action. And until 19:00 this evening they battled it out, relentlessly. The playing field was the legendary Arco Climbing Stadium onto which, once again, the sun shone brightly and without casting even a shadow. And the stakes were high: the World Youth Climbing Championships. The athletes out in the vertical field were fighting their way through the Boulder qualifications, 244 of them, split into three categories: Youth B (born in 2000, 2001), Youth A (1998,1999), and Juniors (1996, 1997). Only the best 20 of each category qualified for the Semifinal and these qualifiers were by no means easy. The athletes needed to deal with all variables climbing can come up with. Strength, explosive power, delicate balance and intuition were needed to solve the different problems. The top, the final hold, was – by definition – the solution. And, at the same time, the only way to secure a place into the next round. Right from the outset the task seemed unsurmountable. But as the saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. And this second World Championship day witnessed some mighty fine climbing. No one held back. Confirming that, here and now, in the Arco Climbing Stadium, there’s the (great) future of this sport.