The IFSC Climbing Youth World Championships will see the Under 16, Under 18 and Under 20 categories compete from 22nd to 31st August in Arco, Trentino. The Italian athletes for lead, speed and boulder have been chosen. In the boulder race there will be Sara Morandini, the champion Laura Rogora, Camilla Moroni, Miriam Fogu, Caterina Dal Zotto, Adelaide D’Addario, Federica Papetti, Irina Daziano, Alessia Mabboni, Olimpia Ariani, Matteo Manzoni, Matteo Baschieri, the star Filip Schenk, Davide Colombo, Johannes Egger, Giorgio Tomatis, Agostino Bearzi, Alessandro Mele and Luca Boldrini.

Laura Rogora of the sports group Fiamme Oro and Sara Morandini will compete in the lead race too. In the Italian ‘lead’ team there are also Jana Messner, Elisabeth Lardschneider, Federica Mabboni, Adelaide D’Addario, who competes in bouldering too, as well as Federica Papetti, the very young Viola Battistella, Evi Niederwolfsgruber and Giovanni Placci, Pietro Biagini, Filip Schenk, European youth boulder champion under 20, who became boulder world champion under 16 in Arco, Alessandro Mele, Giorgio Tomatis and Davide Colombo – also chosen to participate in the boulder race – Nicolò Balducci, Anselmo Bazzani and Davide Zane.

Last but not least the speed race. Here there will be Federica Papetti, who will compete in all three disciplines, Beatrice Colli, Alessia Mabboni (also in boulder), Giulia Randi, Erika Piscopo, Anna Calanca, Elisabetta Dalla Brida, Francesca Vasi, Laura Rogora (in lead, boulder and speed), Alessandro Giorgianni, Francesco Govoni, Marco Rontini, Jacopo Stefani, Andrea Zappini, Davide Colombo (who will compete in all three disciplines), Gabriele Randi, Cristian Dorigatti and Filip Schenk, another athlete who competes in all three disciplines and from whom people expect a lot. They are athletes who started climbing from an early age and who will arrive to Arco as ‘veterans’, even though they are just under twenty.

The fans can attend the events in Arco for free. Then come to Arco and support our Italian athletes.