This is the youngest of the sport climbing disciplines; it made its Youth World Championships debut in 2015. Bouldering is a form of climbing that is performed on small walls (known as boulders) up to 4.5 meters high and falls are protected by special bouldering mats. This discipline is particularly fascinating thanks to the intense effort in a few meters of climbing, the short competition time and the proximity to the crowd.

In Bouldering, the most important thing is to reach the final hold (to send it in climbing jargon); the final score will be determined by the number of boulders that have been sent and the number of attempts needed. If the athletes don’t reach the top, they may receive a bonus for having reached a particularly demanding intermediate hold.

Twenty athletes can qualify for the semi-finals, while only six will compete in the final.

When: qualification rounds 26th/29th August – semi-finals 27th/30th August – finals 28th/31st August ( depending  on the category)