This is the most classic sport climbing discipline, the one that represents the essence of this sport even for non-climbers.

The athletes climb a very difficult route and try to reach the summit, the top as it is called in climbing jargon. Only the strongest climbers – or climber – manage to reach the final hold, while the others will fall secured to the safety rope.

The athletes’ performance is measured according to the highest point they have reached.

In the semi-finals and finals, the athletes climb a route they have never seen before; for this reason, they are isolated in a special area before their climb.

The time limit to climb the wall is 6 minutes.

26 athletes can qualify for the semi-finals, 8 for the final round.

If the athletes who finish on the podium have the same result, a countback is used to decide the winner – i.e. according to the results of the previous rounds – and, if still necessary, their climbing time will be taken into account.

When: qualification rounds 22nd/23rd August – semi-finals and finals 24th/25th August (depending on the category)