Yesterday the Rock Master Duel in Arco in front of a huge crowd (almost 3,000 people)
Schubert won the men’s competition ahead of Ondra
Mia Krampl triumphed ahead of Thompson, Rogora won the final for the third place
Ghisolfi and Bombardi out, the format is always appreciated

Yesterday evening, the the Climbing Stadium in Arco hosted the Rock Master Duel, an exciting format that since 2000 has given fans the opportunity (free of charge this year) to enjoy the best show of the climbing world. The effort of the SSD Arrampicata Sportiva Arco was appreciated by the huge crowd of the evening (estimated number of people 3.000). The men in the competition had to climb routes of difficulty 8a, 8a+, and women 7d+, 7c, before touching the red button as if it were a speed race.
The lead world champion Adam Ondra is also the advertising symbol of Garda Trentino and aimed to win his fifth consecutive personal Duel, a feat he was unable to achieve due to a great race by the Austrian Jakob Schubert: “This is the first time I’ve beaten Adam in the Duel, I think; I was even able to go under the minute improving challenge after challenge”. After a few seconds, the eyes of the defeated ‘tiger’ turned into those of the athlete Ondra that everyone knows, friendly and good to anyone, and after his disappointment the phenomenon went to congratulate his colleague: “I had fun, Jakob was very strong and we had a great final. It took me a bit longer, but it was important to go under the minute and I did it. The Duel means fun because there’s no pressure and I hope it stays that way”. Applause from the crowd, which covered the entire lawn of the Climbing Stadium, also for the third athlete, the German Jan Hojer, able to have an awesome first round that allowed him to beat Stefano Ghisolfi from Turin to pass to the next round: “I started well but Jan made two really incredible final leaps,” said ‘Ghiso’. The other Italian Marcello Bombardi lost the direct confrontation with Max Rudigier, a real revelation, even if he missed the grip after just a few seconds from the start in the final for the third place. Seeing the muscles of Bombardi, we try to understand if there is a perfect climber, better tall or short? Muscular or long-lined? “Everyone has to be able to adapt their climbing characteristics to suit their body. The greatest skill in any case is in the head”.
The women’s Duel was less balanced. Mia Krampl beat not once but twice the British Molly Thompson, with the first confrontation cancelled and repeated because of a false start: “Incredible year, it’s the first time for me here at the Duel and it was interesting to try something new. With me and Janja Garnbret the Slovenian climbing movement is going great. Training with the best is great” said the lead world vice-champion after the race. In the final for the third place Laura Rogora achieved another prestigious result – after winning the gold medal in the bouldering youth competition a few hours before, the lead title and the combined – and finished third in the Duel: “Now finally rest, the duel is a competition without pressure and that’s why it is unique”. The “godmother” of the event, given her numerous participations, is Mina Markovic: “The route was beautiful, I’m very happy to be back and to have participated in the final, Arco is a paradise for our sport”. See you next year, the Trentino committee has many surprises in store, ‘replicable’ all over the world.

Download TV pictures:

Rock Master Duel – ranking men
1° Schubert Jakob AUT; 2° Ondra Adam CZE; 3° Hojer Jan GER; 4° Rudigier Max AUT

Rock Master Duel – ranking women
1.a Krampl Mia SLO; 2.a Thompson-Smith Molly GBR; 3.a Rogora Laura ITA; 4.a Markovic Mina SLO