Such many emotions yesterday night at Rock Master in Arco (Trento, Italy). Two police-team members made some miracles during Lead Duel: Stefano Ghisolfi and Michael “Micha” Piccolruaz, first and second place. More, Piccolruaz winning over the super champion Adam Ondra in the semifinal, something incredible, leaving speechless Ondra himself, who then avenge himself winning the Rock Master Trophy, summing KO boulder and duel scores.
Much excitement among women too: Mia Krampl and Jessica Pilz competing for the first place, the Slovenian climber wins her second lead duel, promising to come back in 2022 to win again, of course. Everyone was hoping that, after KO boulder first place, Laura Rogora could stand up in Lead too, but due to an uncertainty, she surrenders to Krampl. Vita Lukan takes a little revenge on Rogora, who defeated her in the morning KO boulder competition, and gets the third place.
Rock Master’s night is always a web of great emotions. First impasse, Rogora versus Tesio in the quarterfinals. There is no game: the little Roman girl “from Trento” wins. Then, Krampl versus Thompson, as in 2019’s final. Krampl wins. Vita Lukan flies against the French Gibert; Jessica Pilz has no pity for the emerging young Adamovska. The final duel seems balanced until midway, Krampl accelerates and reaches the top in 1’24’’, Pilz is silver.
First quarterfinal men: Ondra wins over Fossali. Piccolruaz defeats the Czech Stranik, the German Flohè flies and beats Skofic. Last, Ghisolfi (1’18’’) wins over Schenk (1’26’’).
Semi-finals excite the audience. Neck-and-neck between Ondra and Piccolruaz, the Italian climber incredibly wins over Ondra, who bows to Piccolruaz. Ondra “angrily” wins a third place against Flohè. An heart-stopping final duel expects the audience: two Italian golden climbers from the police team, make their commanders jump. Ghisolfi said he had a dream: winning the Rock Master, and he did it. Anyhow, Piccolruaz is super proud of his result.
Ondra, summing his scores in KO boulder and lead, wins his 6th Rock Master trophy. Among women, it’s a tie between Vita Lukan and Jessica Pilz, which never happened before. This edition will make history.
Positive report for the organising committee; without the 2020 edition due to Covid, this year was really important and many new things are coming in 2022. Rai Sport live on TV was the perfect frame to get more audience to know Garda outdoor worth, Trentino and climbing, everyday more popular.

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Lead Duel – Men
1. Stefano Ghisolfi (ITA); 2. Michael Piccolruaz (ITA); 3. Adam Ondra (CZE)

Lead Duel – Women
1. Mia Krampl (SLO); 2. Jessica Pilz (AUT); Vita Lukan (SLO)