Ticket – Entry times – Covid-19

Unfortunately, as a result of the continuing pandemic we have been forced to take various safety measures to contain Covid-19 infections in order to safeguard the health of athletes, organisers and spectators, as moreover established by law – D.L. 105 dated 23.07.21. 

We assure you that we would gladly do without them, also because they create extra work and are costly.

We are certain you will comprehend the efforts we have made to ensure the success of this historic event that has accompanied sport climbing for over thirty years.

Tickets will only be sold online – via the Midaticket platform, at the following link

Ticket sales will begin on 07/08/2021 at 08.00  and will end on 25/08/2021 at 23.59 or subject to availability.

A total of 330 seats are available, split as follows: 200 Full Day seats, 70 Evening Only seats, 15 Family places.

The Family place consists of a bench that can be used by two adults and a maximum of two children under the age of 14.

In acquiring a Family place, you declare you are related and therefore not required to respect social distancing measures. Furthermore, you assume all responsibility in the event of false statement.

Should some seats remain unsold, they will be placed on sale on 23/08/21. The organiser may decide to place them in a different category.

Children under 4 are permitted to enter free of charge but must be seated on their parent’s laps: they may not occupy a bench seat (not even the empty seats used for social distancing).

Tickets with their unique QR code, in paper or digital format (on mobile phone, etc) must be exhibited upon entry to the Climbing Stadium.

Attention: tickets are strictly personal and non-transferable. Any name changes can only be made within 72 hours before the event, by sending a request with the information (name, surname, date and place of birth, tax code, ticket number ) of the ticket holder and the substitute. Send your request to tickets@rockmaster.com


Full day   (KO Boulder + Duel)  € 30,00
Evening only  (duel)   € 20,00
Family Place (full day)  € 70,00
(bench for 2 adults/parents+2 under 14) 

Under 4: free of charge, but must be registered (does not occupy a seat and remains in the parent’s lap).



All spectators entering the Climbing Stadium must, under all circumstances, comply with the following containment measures to control Covid-19 infections:

For the UE and Schenghen area  citizens access to the stadium is allowed to those with a Green Pass.

For citizens from non-EU Member States and the non-Schengen Area, access is allowed upon presentation of Vacination Cerfification, to show in original. Only the following vaccine will be recognized Astra-Zeneca, Moderna, Pfizer Bion Tech, Johnson & Johnson

Will be accepted a PCR TEST or RAPID ANTIGENIC TEST with a negative test result taken no earlier than 48. The certificate must be shown in original in Italian or English and be stamped and signed by the medical facility or pharmacy that performed the test (do-it-yourself tests are not valid).

Under 12 don’t need Green Pass or other certification to enter the Climbing Stadium

Attention !!!! for those coming from abroad ( UE or Extra UE ), the exemption is valid only for under 6
(according to travel limitation and regulation to enter Italy)

The age will have to be proved with an identity document

Attention: the Green Pass/Covid Test/Vaccination Certification must be displayed at the entrance, together with an identity card. The lack of a Green Pass/Covid Test o Vaccination Certification and / or identity card will result in non-admission to the Climbing Stadium. Furthermore, this not give you the right to a ticket refund.

Access to the climbing stadium is forbidden for anyone with symptoms that may be attributable to Covid-19 infection: fever above 37.5°C, cold, cough, muscle ache… Anyone with symptoms of this sort inside the Climbing Stadium must undergo temperature checks and could be asked to leave the Stadium by the competition doctor. Furthermore, this not give you the right to a ticket refund. 

In order to avoid crowd build-up, access to the Climbing Stadium must take place according to the ENTRANCE TIME.pdf

Seats are numbered and each spectator must sit in the seats indicated in the tickets; exchanges or seat changes are strictly forbidden.

It is absolutely forbidden to move benches.

At the end of the competitions, stewards will indicate how to leave the Climbing Stadium in an orderly manner.

During the entire duration of the competition you must remain seated, unless using the toilet facilities.

Parents are informed in advance that children must also remain seated, and are not permitted to run around or play freely within the Climbing Stadium,

Spectators are informed that food and drinks are not for sale in the Climbing Stadium; water fountains will not be accessible. We recommend you bring water or drinks with you.

Within the Climbing Stadium it is prohibited to use glass bottles (for safety reasons) and disposable plastic bottles (to reduce the use of plastic).

Close to the Climbing Stadium and within the entire area it is obligatory to use a face mask, surgical or higher grade. Scarves, bandanas or shared masks are not allowed.

Masks must be worn for as long as you remain inside the Climbing Stadium, even when seated.

The price of your ticket includes an individually wrapped, disposable face mask.

Use these best practices to prevent Covid-19 infection:
– disinfect your hands regularly
– maintain physical distance of at least 1m from each other avoid hugs, kisses and handshakes

Attention: failure to comply with these measures may result in removal from the clibing stadium, without a refund of the ticket

The protocol may be subject to changes according with national laws and international regulations