The 35th Rock Master is taking place in 8 days at the well-known Climbing Stadium in Arco, Trentino (Italy).
16 talented climbers, 8 men and 8 women, are facing each other on Friday 29th July with KO Boulder and Lead Duel. These two unique formats have been making Rock Master popular all around the world.
Rock Master has not started yet and there is some news: Adam Ondra won’t be coming due to his recovering from Covid. News is coming directly from Adam Ondra, announcing, sadly, his decision: “So sad to announce that I am not coming to Rock Master this year. It is a really important competition for me: my dream as a small kid was not to win World Championships, but Rock Master! There are very few editions that I skipped in the last years and this year I was particularly looking forward to it as we wanted show Hugo our favorite place. Current combined format of bouldering and duel is also really fun for both climbers and the audience. No matter how psyched I am to compete, I took this decision to be cautious and take it slowly while recovering from covid.” The Austrian Nicola Uznik (born in 2000) is taking his place, taking a “personal revenge”. He could not participate last year due to Covid. Uznik knows well Arco’s walls, where he got a combined bronze during the Youth World Championships. He is confronting Luka Potocar, also present at Rock Master, 20 years old from Slovenia, fourth place in Chamonix and third place last month at the Lead European Cup stage in Arco.
The Italian Michael Piccolruaz gages his team-mate Stefano Ghisolfi after last year spectacular Duel, won by the latter. Piccolruaz also wishes to climb against his ex-roommate, the Austrian Jakob Schubert.
Coming from Czech Republic, Martin Stranik, expert climber and close “rock” friend of Adam Ondra, from Ukraine Fedir Samoilov and from China Pan Yufei.
Among women, their competition is even less predictable because each of them can aspire to the precious Trophy. Laura Rogora is one of the best leading climbers: she got a silver in Chamonix, behind the one and only Janja Garnbret, while third place fot Seo Chaehyun, Lead World Champion and among 2022 Rock Master’s athletes.
The Austrian Jessica Pilz is coming back too, ready to fight against the Slovenian Vita Lukan. Not to forget, the Serbian Stasa Gejo, Youth Boulder World Champion, the Chinese Yuetong Zhang, the Ukrainian Ievgeniia Kazbekova, Lead Ukranian Champion in 2019 and the Italian Camilla Moroni, silver medal at the Boulder World Championships.
Last year, Rock Master reached high numbers though live TV and streaming: 70.000 total reach, 130.000 views on Youtube and 103.000 on Ondra’s channel. Numbers might be even higher this year!
Big numbers also as far as audience is concerned, waiting for 1500 people. Tickets are still available online only on Midaticket, either full-day tickets or night entries.